Gwen believes that every meal should be about pleasure and savoring every bite. She started cooking as a young child. She cooked with her grandmothers and her great aunts. She cooked with family friends and realized the power of great foods and family recipe traditions. She moved to L.A. in the mid 80’s and started working with professional chefs and her passion grew. Wherever she went, wherever her food and people met, she was swamped with requests for these recipes. She started writing her recipes and telling her stories of changing a culinary nightmare into a signature dish. By adding these personal failures, readers can learn from her mistakes and triumphs to create the confidence to explore their own creative additions to recipes Gwen Kenneally is President of the catering company, Back To The Kitchen, a full-service catering enterprise that serves corporations, studios, and private families. She is equipped to cook for both intimate dinners and parties (10-100) and large-scale events (100-500). She can be reached at: 323-308-0977. backtothekitchencatering,com

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